Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween How-To: Building Your Own Costume On The Cheap

I have to admit that Halloween is probably my favorite holiday of the year. Maybe I'm biased because it's also my birthday but I really do think it's an awesome day. I love that everyone dresses up in costumes and celebrates in style!

But what I don't like are store bought Halloween costumes. I'll admit that when I was middle and high school pretty much all of my costumes were store bought. I sinned and I'm sorry. Never again though.

You've probably had the thought "What should I be this year?" and spent time Googling homemade or creative costume ideas. I used to do the same. But now I have a system for picking a great costume using a lot of things I already own. And so can you!

The trick is to pick a character (or whatever the inspiration for your costume is) with key components. Here was my pick for this year:

Violet Incredible has very basic elements to her outfit. Black gloves, black boots, black spandex shorts, red shirt, red tights and a black mask. Easy. These are things I either already had or could find easily at a local mall.

The only things I ended up buying were red leggings, a matching red long sleeved shirt and paper to print a sticker of the Incredibles logo onto. All together, I spend under $25 on the things I needed.
I already owned black boots and gloves and just used a pair of plain black boyshort underwear instead of buying spandex shorts. To make the logo I purchased sticker label paper that was the size of a sheet of paper and simply printed the logo onto the paper and cut it out. I didn't choose iron on transfer paper because I wanted to be able to wear the shirt again this winter.

I also had a black mask from my Hambuglar costume last year. This could be substituted with makeup if you prefer not to wear a mask. All in all I don't think the costume turned out too bad and I could say I made it myself rather than saying I bought it at an overpriced costume store. Plus it was warm so I wasn't one of those girls wearing a skimpy costume to a street festival in 40 degree weather.

Stay crafty, my friends!

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